The obligation of the company:

  • To build up the integrated system of the company´s management which is built on the process management and to secure its constant development.
  • To increase the awareness of its employees by the way of the systematic education and to lead the employees to the active solution of the tasks in the field of the quality, safe labour and the protection of the environment.
  • Within the allocated responsibilities we all take our personal responsibility for the quality, labour safety and health protection and environment.
  • To observe the valid legal rules, which are related to our activities, is obvious for us.
  • To keep the open communication with the local communities and involved parties.

In the field of the quality:

  • To present the big quality of the labour and the willingness to secure the requirements of the customers in the full range.
  • To prefer in the negotiations with the customers the courtesy, reliability and correctness together with the big expertise and carefulness, to pay the constant attention to our customer satisfaction which is the base condition of our long-time success.
  • Quality, price and term keeping, these are our standards, which are evaluated by our customers.
  • To build up the long-time relationships with the suppliers, who secure the fulfilment of the customer´s requirements according to the valid legal rules.

In the field of the environment protection:

  • To investigate the legal requirements in the field of the environment and to secure the compliance with them.
  • To regulate the influences of our activities to the environment by the way of the regular evaluation and by the management of all environmental aspects of our activities.
  • To co-operate with the suppliers and contracting partners who secure the friendly behaviour to the environment.
  • Our prevention against the environment pollution is to use such technologies, products and services which are sustainable from the aspect of the environment protection.

In the field of labour safety and health protection:

  • To follow the requirements of the labour safety and health protection is for us the key to the fulfilment of the labour tasks and to the qualitative company development.
  • Our constant target is to have no incidents and zero personal accident rate.
  • To take into account the safe risks and the activity influences to the safe labour and health protection.
  • Our prevention how to prevent the injuries and incidents is to use the machines and devices which are in the compliance with the requirements of the labour safety and health protection.

In the field of the information security:

  • To secure and protect the accessibility of the processes, the confidence and the integrity of the information of the company´s customers and the third parties.
  • To respect all legal, regulative and contractual security obligations.
  • To improve the level of the information security by monitoring, internal audits, education and by the introduction of the measures for the prevention of the possible incidents.

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